Friday, January 21, 2011

365*-21 Assignment; E&E: "Excited"

This weeks assignment is about
finding different people and capturing
their emotions or expressions.
This is me, dear daughter and her Prince charming
after our very first SNOW run!!!
We live in a part of California that does not see snow!
We were visiting my Son in Washington
and it had been snowing for two days!!!
We were SO excited for the snow,
not to mention that we ran a 5k in it!!!


Amanda Lynn said...

super cute pic!

Jennifer said...

You all look so happy - and cold!

Anonymous said...

Oh... I bet it was refreshing!

Mrs. V said...

I ♥ that we are all also wearing neon colors against the stark white...Californian's!

Tracy said...

Wow! I love the bright colors.

Jenn said...

I love how y'all all share the same joy...running! I think that is just wonderful. Love the color of the suits.