Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Momma & Daddy dove are parents AGAIN!!!

This was truly a test of patience for me...
I received a text while at work that
one of the eggs had hatched, I was so excited to see
the new baby...

Our little dove family is pretty predictable;
Daddy dove comes by between 6-7 pm while
Mommy dove heads out for awhile.

I knew that I had a small window in which to try
and capture the new chick while it's parents
changed places on the nest. But before that
I had to wait 30 minutes once Daddy arrived
until they finally made the switch!

Both parents were extremely tolerant of me
while I snapped their little one ♥
(Jenn, I had your kiddos in mind while shooting!)


Jenn said...


That is a fabulous picture. Very crisp and clean. :) I can't get over the hair that little bird has already. A little blondie.

Mrs. V said...

Aww, so precious. what a cute little fuzz ball!

Kristal said...

What a great picture! How exciting!

Kara said...

very sweet.