Friday, July 15, 2011


Let me start by admitting I am NO crafter!!!

My Mom had amazing talent, my Sister and
my Daughter share her talent...
I'm going to blame it on becoming a Grandma ~
I made my very first blanket!!!
I used a loom with a wonderful brushed yarn ~

I plan to surprise my daughter with this tomorrow,
it's a smaller version of what I want to complete
before our granddaughter arrives in November.
My thought is that this smaller blanket can be thrown
over the carseat our just over the babe in the cradle.

Maybe she will carry it as her lovey... who knows???
I'm just so happy that I made something with so much love
for my granddaughter!!!


Jennifer said...

Handmade gifts are the best, and that is the perfect size for a carseat blanket!

Kristen said...

Love it. I can crochet but not well and always give up before finishing the blanket. Im much better with smaller items like scarfs! She will love it. Nothing better than a gift made from love!

Amanda said...

It is beautiful and will be a gift cherished for many years to come!

Kristal said...

I really love how that came out. My daughter loves to loom.

Hey - would she want a cupcake hat? I could whip one of those up and send it to you... they are so cute! {you can search for it on my blog if you don't know it... here, I found the link... }

Brittany said...

Leslee, these were my most favorite gifts for all my kids. I had family making all my kids blankets from Oregon to New Mexico, as well as special. I treasure them and so do the kids. Brennan's most favorite blanket was a smaller blanket like this made by a friend's mom (I still thank her to this day!). He now fondly calls for "Bearblanket" b/c it always has to be paired with his favorite bear. They will love them!!!

Mrs. V said...

Thanks Momma, it means the world that you made this and I know she will ♥ it!

Jenn said...

You did AMAZING!!! I absolutely LOVE the colors you picked out. So pretty!!! Your daughter is going to love having that to throw over the car seat. was the movie??