Monday, August 1, 2011


Every day (especially Monday's)
should start out
with a blueberry smiley face!!!


Mrs. V said...

If that doesn't make you smile, nothing will!

Tracy said...


Kristal said...

How cute.... but you had milk and blueberries for breakfast?

Jenn said...

Leslee!!! I've been missing your pictures. :) It has been crazy busy here but I am finally getting to my blogs. This looks yummy! Is it just milk and blueberries? I've never heard of that before.

PS...You'd be proud...I jogged 4 miles nonstop with one of my girlfriends the other day. Woo hoo!!! Thanks for encouraging me. You have no idea what you have done for me. :)

Leslee said...

To clarify... There was oatmeal under the soy milk and blueberries!!! I tosed on the blueberries, turned my back and when I looked back I saw the smiley!