Sunday, August 21, 2011


What a wonderful birthday!!!

My kids presented me with a
three class package from
the amazing Tracy Jackson at

I am beyond excited to take
these classes and learn more
about Photography!!!!


Tracy said...

YYIIPPPEEE! I am as excited as you. Let me know and we can get started whenever you are ready!

Lynn said...

That's wonderful! Enjoy!!

Kim said...

Awesome! Happy Birthday!

Mrs. V said...

Glad you like! Can't wait to see your skills get even better!

Nicolasa @ {My}Perspective said...

That is so fun! Enjoy!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday....again!!!!!! You are going to love the classes. :)

Kristal said...

What a great gift! You're going to LOVE the classes!

Leslee said...

Oh boy! All the great comments on the classes has me SO excited :-)

~ Noelle said...

hope you had a great birthday